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About Us

XSell was established by a group of proven international business development, sales and marketing professionals. The company was founded with a goal to address clearly identified market demand for specialized services in sales, marketing and business development domains. XSell HQ are based in Belgrade but thanks to a worldwide network of consultants and partners we are able to reach almost any market of interest for our clients. Specially designed organization scheme and our agile approach empower us to reach highest productivity levels and to manage efficiently XSell team , which is our most valuable asset.

Our vision

XSell as a regional leader in international business development.

Our mission

We are fully dedicated to provide top rated services to our clients in the area of international business development, sales and marketing by applying the latest scientific achievements and set of best practices in targeted fields.

XSell methodology

In the core of our methodology there is an agile approach and complete orientation towards our clients and their needs. Irrespective of service type that is provided to a client we insist on close business relation and on a high degree of integration of our expert team in the structure of client`s company. Additionally we push comprehensive and independent approach towards all targeted activities that guarantees top results without any encumbering of client`s resources. With assistance of modern sales and marketing tools we offer our clients absolute control over complete process and full transparency of each activity. Our goal is complete satisfaction of our client and visible results of our operations, and there is nothing else is accepted as a valid outcome.

Our clients

  • Companies that have clear vision of their presence on global market or the ones ready to work on one with XSell team
  • Companies that understand significance of highly skilled sales and marketing team and are familiar with basics of modern business
  • Companies that allways want more and are open for various types of cooperation that may bring them desired results
  • Companies that have extraordinary sales teams, but are lacking of additional resources for new campaigns on certain market
  • Companies that wish to be ahead of their competitors and want clients to hear about their products and services in a shortest possible time
  • Companies that wish to keep their focus on so called CORE BUSINESS ACTIVITIES, and to delegate its sales and marketing to the true professionals
  • Each company that recognizes XSell services as an accelerator in any sector of their business

We are open for communication

Call us to talk business, because we do it in the most professional manner. We would be delighted to present you what we can do for your company and to demonstrate to you that there are no boundaries for XSell specialized team.

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