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Creating of strategic (commercial) documentation

When setting yourself certain business goals using your own resources, successful turnout will happen much easier if you have clearly defined plan with complete instructions and steps how to operate.

XSell can help you create business model with goal of fully realizing all business ventures. Multi-criteria analysis and strategic planning will get you answers on very important questions:

  • what is your current market position,
  • on which products/services should the focus be at,
  • who are competitors, their strengths and market position,
  • necessary resources for plan realization: human resources, equipment, technology...
  • funds needed for goals achievement,
  • planned incomes  and expenses in different scenarios,
  • finally, can your investment be profitable and what preconditions are necessary.


Sales oriented campaigns use marketing planning which consists of marketing strategy, threats description, problems and chances in business environment and financial projections.
It is integral part of a business plan but focus is on strategy and control of company's activities.


 Committed Xsell's team of professionals will accomplish for you:

  1. Analysis of current situation,
  2. SWOT analysis,
  3. marketing goal setting,
  4. creating marketing strategy,
  5. implementation of marketing approach in correspondence with action plan,
  6. financial projections, assessment and control
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