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B2B sales and telemarketing

B2B sales defines couple of particularities that are often with crucial significance when it comes to long-term market development and targeting client's groups. Actually, most of telemarketing campaigns that are led through generated LEADs have their focus on so-called LIVE and HOT LEADs in compare to LEADS qualified by our sales and marketing team. Practice has shown that in B2B segment 3 of 4 sales opportunities are lost.

Ways of identification and qualification of LEADS vary from organization to organization and it is very important to establish clear business strategy for B2B LEADs and persist to the end.

b2bIn B2B sector situation where contacted LEADs with short-term requirements choose supplier instantly are very rare. Usually they plan procurement for medium or long period of time. Neglecting these LEADs (using pore classification) can influence negatively on sales campaign and often become easy target for competition. Reason for these omissions could be constant pressure on sales team to deliver concrete commercial results in shortest period of time. In this case focus is on closes winning LEADS even though this approach often results to commercial realization decrease.

XSell team is specialized in B2B approach and LEAD processing with incorporated methodology and efficiently handling the most demanding LEAD database with minimum chances for mistake. With advanced software  tools we avoid  mistakes and maximize performance on each task.

Step into the world of sales based on knowledge.

Yours Xsell

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