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Development of sales channels

Active and well profiled sales channels represent significant force of one sales organization. Relevance of local partners (distributors, resellers, service centers...) on targeted markets is of great  importance for our clients. Each partner equals to new sales force, one new marketing approach (adjusted to local market) and one additional group of professional investing their resources and conducting them in direction of your product and services promotion.

Building Channel RelationshipsConsidering these facts XSell takes special attention on sale's channel development for their clients, identification, profiling, testing, partnership and sales channels motivation belongs to expertise of Xsell's team .
Each of above mentioned activities is fully elaborated and conducted numerous of times which allows us to offer top quality to our clients.

Development of partner/distributor network begins with research and identification of targeted markets, evaluation and selection of potential partners/distributors. XSell uses existing network of global partners with goal of generating relevant database of local partners on targeted markets for your company and products/services you offer.

Together with XSell your company will establish future business relation with all interested local companies and it is up to XSell to implement the process with future partners and sustain created sales channel.
Active supervising on open sales channels with permanent motivation of all sides included is integral component of this process. Once developed sales channels will remain part of your sales infrastructure as long as the interest exists.

Together we can develop global partnership! 

Your XSell

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