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What is Sales Outsourcing?

Today’s extremely competitive environment and fast changes on the market oblige companies to perform SALES and MARKETING redesign as well as the sales  process in favor of creating more effective market development. In these conditions one of the crucial strategies of transformation is development of Sales and Marketing Outsourcing concept which will lead to increase of market productivity , expand sales network and reduce operating costs.

Sales Outsourcing represent business strategy where parts or complete sales and marketing activities (Sales and Marketing) have been delegated to external specialized company.
This concept is based on a model of direct "branding"  representation meaning that third party sales force appears for the end user as integral part of company's team. The purpose is that the client's company employs   and maintains highly professional and skilled team absolutely focused  on sales activities. The list of relevant reasons for considering Sales Outsourcing as a right choice follows:

  • Fast impact on targeted markets and increase of income and profitability
  • Reduce and control of operating costs related to sales
  • Major focus on core activities of the company (Core Competence) and liberating internal resources
  • Access to innovative sales techniques and tools as well as highly specialized and trained sales team
  • Risk distribution
  • High level of concept flexibility

Sales Outsourcing Models

Depending on Sales Outsourcing  level of integration at the existing clients organizational structure there are  4 models of Sales Outsourcing - 2 tactical and 2 strategic:
1. PROJECT SALES OUTSOURCING ( tactical model)
3. FULL SALES FORCE OUTSOURCING (strategic model of transformation)
4. INTEGRATED SALES TEAM (strategic model of transformation)

As part of tactical model client manages with part or complete INHOUSE sales team while strategic models do not need INHOUSE team therefore complete sales/marketing team is provided by XSell.

Every of mentioned models uses special work methodology and goal-oriented processes but at the same time applied methodologies and processes absolutely align with XSell's general approach.

Project Sales Outsourcing

Belongs to tactical models since it does not consider strategic transformation towards Sales Outsourcing  rather then to one particular and specific project and reaching that goal. Typical examples of this type of Sales Outsourcing model are:
  • Launching of new product/service
  • Entering new market
  • Expanding of existing client's network to entire territory and region
  • Sales increase in identified questionable market sectors (vertical or other market segments)
  • Managing targeted group of clients with whom considerable success up to then has not been made
  • New clients acquisitions
  • Acceleration of sales network expanding through temporary employed highly educated sales-oriented sales force
  • Periodically hired human resources when required
  • Creating sales strategy for targeted market or group of clients
  • Market research

Functional/Task Sales Outsourcing

Functional/Task Sales Outsourcing model  is based on engagement of  Sales Outsourcing team for purpose of continuous incorporation in client's sales and marketing process. Most of the companies chooses this type of business model since ongoing activities can be delivered better and faster using less resources and more flexibility. The guiding light preceding the implementation of such a business model was focus on company's CORE activities  and liberation of the resources in favor of these activities.
outsourcing-sales-marketingExamples of this model:
  • Strategic planning and market planning
  • Generating and qualification of leads 
  • Targeted sales in difficult-accessible market segments
  • Sales of defined product lines or services
  • Highly specialized functions such as CRM systems, market analysis, specialized training for sales and marketing teams, clients stratification.

In contrast to project oriented Sales Outsourcing model, functional-oriented model considers long-term engagement and taking charge of certain client's functions.

Full Sales Force Outsourcing

One of 2 strategic models which incorporates Sales Outsourcing is so-called  Full Sales Force Outsourcing or complete dislocation of sales team. In this case there is no need for internal sales team which leads to cost reduction when hiring, training and equipping. Also, better focus on CORE activities is achieved. This model offers more flexibility when it comes to commercial engagement. Here, we can consider model of risk distribution where Sales Outsourcing company would hire their employees and keep share of the profit ie percentage of achieved sales. Stronger bond when it comes to strategic partnership and higher level of cooperation is accomplished.

Full Sales Force Outsourcing is usually a result of one of the before mentioned models. If the results are as expected client can decide to optimize business processes by delegating complete sales activities to XSell. Client keeps full control over the sales and associated processes but at the same time maintains complete transparency.

Integrated Sales Team

Model of integrated sales team represents newest business model that assumes engagement of XSell resources. According to this model client's INHOUSE team and XSell expert team are integrated in one organization.

Integrated team performs activities in client's or XSell's quarters depending on clients preferences. In this case management of XSell and client's management supervise and control sales team and XSell is responsible for team education, supply and maintenance of needed equipment and conditions. In this model XSell's network of partners and expert-associates  sets solid base for designing sales channels and distributors network for clients products and services.

Even though before defined models are proven and verified on all leading markets and taking into account all the particularities of a local market, XSell insists on agile approach and Sales Outsourcing tailor made concept. Using this approach we are able to adjust to client's demands and reach maximum compliance in market approach which results in higher level of client's acceptance and satisfaction.

Please contact us, we would be please to hear about your business, your products and services and together we can create adequate  cooperation model

Yours XSell

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