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Why XSell?

In order to answer on this question, we will present key challenges of sales teams worldwide:

  • Attrition of sales force between 25% and 35%
  • Scarcity of highly qualified and highly trained sales force with basic knowledge of targeted industry
  • 80% of leads generated by marketing are being ignored by sales team for various reasons
  • Time for reaching full productivity of sales team is 7 and more months
  • 84% of qualified leads does not lead to concrete realization
  • Only 59% of hired sales oriented force reach their targets (monthly or annual)
  • Average amount of 80% of discarded leads in 24 months
  • Average time needed to hire team member of this profile is 60-90 days
  • Price of direct B2B sale reaches up to 40% of income
  • 7 times higher success rate of the highly skilled and trained sales and marketing professionals

It is clear that challenges are extremely serious and in order to overcome those challenges, companies need to apply systematic approach based on modern organizational and sales methods .


XSell offer presents efficient response to all mentioned challenges:

Highly professional sales and marketing team

XSell team is a group of carefully selected professionals with relevant knowledge in all key domains: targeted industry, sales and marketing. Specially designed organizational scheme and approach provides high level of productivity and efficient sales force management. Every team member goes through a set of internal and external trainings which guarantee compatibility with company`s procedures and highest level of training for sales force. Trainings target following areas of interest:
* Customer Relationship Management – training about communication model and interaction with existing and potential clients.
* CRM Software Training - dedicated CRM software training (depends on present customer needs)
* Customer Stratification Methods
* Modern Sales Techniques:
  • Modern Prospecting – skills for identifying new business opportunities from the base of already existing and potential clients by using a phone call, e-mail or direct conversation (one on one). This skill is one of the key skills in the process of acquisition of new clients.
  • Modern Customer Centric Pacing –  building professional relationships. This skill actually represent the art of making positive first impression and establishing targeted relationship with client that opens opportunity for further negotiations.
  • Modern Probing – skill to identify client`s desires and needs through a set of sophisticated strategies of conversation.
  • Modern Presenting – skill of emotional bonding with client through usage of innovative presentation techniques.
  • Transparent Negotiation – skill to predict and traverse possible blockade during conversation with a client that may negatively influence on the negotiations.
  • Ethical Closing – natural closing of modern sales process. It is based on authentic and transparent client envolvment and it usually comes in a form of a simple question. The key challenge is: when to ask the question?
  • Authentic Relationship Building – skill for relationship development based on real emotional bonding of two business entities. Target is not only to win the client, but to keep a client for a life time.
Research has shown that by hiring teams like this you will beat the results of INHOUSE team, and boost your company`s reputation through numerous methods of Customer Relationship Management.

Integration of so called `Cutting Edge` sales and marketing systems and tools (CRM software, Market Research Tools, Customer Stratification Tools…)

In order to optimizes sales process, provide full transparency and control over the XSell sales team, we are putting innovatinos into practice.  All relevant data, analysis and reportsare available in any given moment. Simply, our client will have the feeling of managing INHOUSE sales team while enjoying benefits of Sales Outsourcing concept.

Maximum flexibility of concept itself and risk mitigation

sales-conceptDepending of current level of client`s activity on certain market and client`s ambitions in a given moment, client can plan the period of hiring XSell team in order to optimize sales and marketing cost. Instead of time consuming and very expensive candidate selection process and team training process (process that lasts for 6-9 months) client`s company can engage top class sales and marketing team in a very short period of time.This team will be ready to take new sales activities on any world`s market. XSell takes a risk for searching, hiring, and training of sales force.

Reducing the time need to reach expected level of sales

All aforementioned advantages of using already existing network of partners and business consulting experts lead to significant reduction of time that is necessary to introduce certain product or service on targeted market. Precisely this network allows fast routing of sales channels and acquisition of very important feedbacks from the market which are the key for the process of business strategy tuning.

Eliminating the costs of in-house sales team

Real costs of hiring, training, continuous education and equipping top sales team represent significant financial burden for most of small and medium sized companies. Besides unreasonable load, company loses focus from its so called CORE competencies and activities, which is unacceptable in today`s market. By hiring Sales Outsourcing team average saving rate would be between 25% and 50%. It is far from negligible!

List of advanced services

XSell offers complete portfolio of services dedicated to improvement of sales process, strategic planning, research of targeted markets, entering on new markets, improvement of commercial realization, training of INHOUSE sales teams and other relevant fields. Our clients can choose between relevant services in order to achieve top results in domain of international sales.
XSell is your partner for greatest achievements!
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